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GumRunners, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2002.

We at GumRunners are committed to providing consumers and retailers with candy and gum that's just "better." And "better" in an obvious way, not better in the"new, slightly better flavor" way that makes most people yawn. Of course, if "better" was easy, than it wouldn't be hard and we wouldn't be here, so we're particularly thankful to the food scientists, flavor technologists and manufacturing engineers who frankly kicked booty to get us here. We spent almost two years developing our first product, JoltĀ® Caffeine-Energy Gum, before it was good enough to launch. Jolt Gum, (the same Jolt brand as in Jolt Cola), kicked the chewing gum industry in the pants by putting the boost of coffee into 2 pieces of great tasting mint gum. For just $1.49 for a 12-piece pack, consumers now get portable energy and fresh breath - with no coffee maker or energy drink refrigerator needed.

Our second product, Nutra-TrimĀ® Weight Management Gum takes the gum game to a whole new level by adding weight management ingredients (Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine and Chromium Picolinate) to an - if we don't mind saying so ourselves - incredibly great tasting gum. It's the first gum or candy that's actually beneficial for your health.

We do not release financial information to the public mostly because you'd find it boring and also because we're privately held.

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